Ethno England is run by Tandem Collective, with support from Oxford City Council, Oxford Contemporary Music, and Jeunesses Musicales International.

Tandem Collective

Tandem Collective is an Oxford-based collective of artists, volunteers and activists who believe that the arts have a powerful role to play in creating positive change on social and environmental issues. Ethno is one of our flagship projects, alongside Tandem Festival, InTandem Publications, and the Tandem Skills Camp.

Sister Projects

Our team members are from all around the UK and are involved in some great projects working in music and community. We are proud to have links with these projects and the great work they are doing throughout the year.


Folkatron brings folk and electronic musicians together for a week to create experimental productions of traditional folk music from scratch.

Flotsam Sessions

Flotsam Sessions is a music collective hosting workshops, jam sessions & gigs in London, connecting people through music from around the globe. 


Crossings has been building bridges across racial and cultural divides through music in Newcastle for nearly 10 years. Crossings creates a welcoming space where asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants come together with musicians and local people to collaborate through music, promoting racial harmony, equality, diversity and human rights.